About us

I SPY INTERNATIONAL was established in 2005 as a limited liability company, specialized in private investigations, under the Law 329/2003 on the profession of private detective, as amended and supplemented.

I SPY INTERNATIONAL has operating license 402.84/B/00086/2005.

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Meet the team

Licensed. Discreet. Experienced.

Our team have different expertise and various fields. Those are:
Surveillance experts ( Physical and technical surveillance)
IT experts / IT forensics
Security coordinators, security experts in different fields
VIP coordinators, Close protection unit, Weapon experts
Research Team ( Investigation and intelligence team).

Our skills

We are focusing on
Domestic investigation / Background checks / Frauds / Surveillance / IT Security / Countermeasures

Our Customers

Our clients have one thing in common: they require information that is not readily available, and they want the matter handled professionally and discretely. Financial Institutions, Law firms, Investors and private equity, Property owners, Insurance Companies, Private Clients etc.

Our Partners

We love our partners and our partners love us


We completely understand that contacting a private investigator is not something you do on a daily basis. But don't be afraid, call or email us and tell us your story. Most likely we have a solution for your problem.
So, how it works?


    Contact us via phone call or email and describe your case. The more information you can provide us, the higher the chance of success will be.


    We will ask you few questions in order to understand your case and understand the time line which is very important.


    Our investigators will analyze your case and get back to you with a quotation as soon as possible.


    If we agree the terms, we sign the contract and issue the invoice for pay a part of the contract.


    After confirmation of the payment, we can begin the investigation. You will be updated during the investigation.


    A report of investigation will be sent to client. We discuss the evidence gathered and clarify any question.

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What our Clients say

We are happy to forward references that concern cases that have gone to court or in other ways reached public attention. However, our first concern is always the integrity of our clients and this means that for some of our services we can only provide anonymous testimonials. `I SPY`

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Where we are?

To protect our identity we display only the headquarter mail address